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Bikers services Moto zone

Moto Zone is a concept Garage, Workshop or Bike Wash Point for two-wheelers, where oil change takes place exclusively or in addition to other services provided by the outlet.

An international chain:

  • ELF Moto Zone is an international chain of workshops aimed at providing motorcycle owners with professional and good quality bike servicing. The company identifies skilled and enterprising mechanics and invests in them with workshop equipments, systems and direct supplies from company's authorized distributors to enable them to service the consumer with requisite professionalism.


  • ELF Moto Zone concept originated from the company's research which suggested that when a bike owner services his bike at an independent garage, authenticity of products used, technical capabilities and housekeeping of the premises are major concerns in his mind. Hence the workshop under this concept is given a superior makeover with latest tools & equipments to eliminate these worries of the consumer and also address his hygiene needs. Further, at ELF Moto Zone the consumer can learn about the company's Fully Synthetic premium product ELF Moto 4 XT Tech.

  • At the ELF Moto Zone customers can also explore our association with MotoGP racing as ELF is strongly associated with Team Honda and Mahindra Racing

Bikers services Moto zone